The magazine “Dental Tribune International” is distributed to the market of the Republic of Croatia in the circulation of 4.000 copies to all Doctors of Dental Medicine. Yearly 4 magazines.

The magazine is distributed to all Doctors of Dental Medicine, clinics, health centers and dental faculties in the Republic of Croatia, distributors of dental equipment and materials and CCODM.

Dental Media Group d.o.o. through the Dental Tribune International magazine, provides all interested customers with interactive marketing and promotional activities focused at a targeted group of potential customers – Doctors . All the marketing tools we offer are designed to achieve better sales and business results for our clients and partners, making us unique on the market.

In addition to promotion through the Dental Tribune magazine, the following marketing tools are also offered:

A recognizable, unique dental e-newsletter that we send every month to more than 4,800 e-mail addresses of dental doctors in the region (HR, BiH, SLO, SRB)

E-Blast, created by customer’s wishes, is one of the marketing tools in our offer with the highest interaction with potential buyers

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Inserts leaflets, customer catalogs through DTI magazine
Organizations of professional events
Media sponsorship

For any inquiries regarding advertising conditions, deadlines, materials, annual Contracts and other co-operation opportunities please contact us directly at  or by phone

01 6251 990