Dental Tribune International

Professional magazine for Doctors of Dental Medicine

High quality content, innovative and visually attractive, Dental Tribune International has found a place in all dental medicine clinics in Croatia through a marketing agency Dental Media

Group d.o.o. as a carrier franchise for Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

15.10.2007.godine Dental Media Group d.o.o. becomes the official franchise holder of the Dental Tribune magazine for Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

13.05.2009. Dental Tribune International was officially approved by the Ministry of Health as a professional magazine and the Dental Chambers awarded 2 points for professional training of dental practitioners, subscribers to the Dental Tribune International in the Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

HKDM (29.12.2009), KLD BiH (03.06.2009.) And the Chamber of Dentists of RS RS (19.05.2010).

From April 1, 2014, only subscribers to the Republic of Croatia are eligible for HKDM points.

Rich content of professional texts as well as the latest developments in dental medicine we are thankful for direct access to all Dental Tribune journals worldwide, which makes us unique in terms of quality and offerings and therefore high readership by dental practitioners.